About Mercedes Moss


Mercedes Moss is the founder and  Vocal  Coach of Moss’ School of Vocal Techniques®established 1999.  Ms. Moss is a former voice student of  the Patrick Prescott School of Music, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an affiliate of  the Trinity College of Music, London.

Passionate about vocal excellence, Ms. Moss has developed a keen ear for the voice and has gained success in assisting students to free their voice and improve vocal quality.  She continually studies and adds new and  effective vocal techniques to her repertoire and says that she was her first student.

Two hundred or more students have benefited from vocal instruction through Moss’ School of Vocal Techniques®  They include Choirs, Music groups/bands, Worship Teams, Soloists and others.

Students with health conditions which ordinarily impaired breathing have reported that they gained the ability to sing without breathing difficulties.


Aim of the course

Students will learn vocal techniques which enhance the vocal quality, beauty and vocal expression.


Course Duration

Usually three one hour sessions or more depending on the needs of the learner.


Course content:

  • Vocal strengths and weaknesses – personal analysis.
  • Structure and function of the breathing apparatus and its relationship to singing.
  • Care of the voice.
  • Vocal warm ups.
  • Breathing exercises for breath control and sustained, beautiful and effortless singing.
  • Techniques for resonance which make the voice clear, improve its tonal quality, enhances its unique and distinct sound and the vocal range.
  • Techniques that eliminate throat tightness and other ineffective and useless vocal sounds.
  • Diction.
  • Expressive singing.
  • Stage presentation.

The course is taught in a learning environment in which theory and practice are interrelated and where the student is at ease and builds confidence. The Deva Method is primarily used in the instruction.


Visit me at Angels and  Power of  Prayer, Praise and the Word of God.


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